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Frank Schepers
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Who am I?

Video maker

I love to make new video's and clips and I'm always open to learn new things.


I'm still a student on a filmschool in The Netherlands, where I learn to make new things to constantly improve myself on different aspects.

Info about myself

Here you'll find a short resume about me

Frank Schepers

Film maker

My name is Frank Schepers, I'm a 16 year old student from Bergen op Zoom in The Netherlands. I love adventure and I always want to improve myself in the filmworld. On my site you'll find information about me and a contact form. Are you curious about my work so far? Make sure to take a look in my portfolio as well!


My work

Lorde - Royals


Promo Essie's [Dutch]

Company promo

The night [Dutch]


Stuck [Dutch]

Short movie

Lie to me [Dutch]

Short movie


My past

  • 2006-2014

    Sancta Maria

  • 2014-2018

    Roncalli SG

  • 2018-present

    Zoomvliet Studio

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